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How to become a Green Sakthi Member?

There are 3 ways to pay, depending on which part of the world you live in:

  1. If you have an Australian bank account, please set up your RECURRING monthly or annual donation.

    It is very important to designate your donation to GREEN SAKTHI.

    Westpac Bank
    Beloved Narayani Foundation
    BSB: 032050
    Account Number: 238785

  2. If you live outside of Australia, please set up your RECURRING monthly or annual donation via PayPal (button below).

    Please designate your donation to GREEN SAKTHI.

  3. For residents of the USA - your donation is tax deductible via

    In all cases, please designate your donation to GREEN SAKTHI.



You can make your contribution via PAY PAL here

For all donations, please fill below:

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Artwork by Sridevi Grade 6

Artwork by Sridevi Grade 6

What is a Green Sakthi Member?

A Green Sakthi Member supports 5 trees planted in South India every month with $10 per month or $120 per year donation.

Why become a Green Sakthi Member?

We reap what we sow.

We all know the benefits of planting a tree for this earth. When was the last time you planted a tree? At Green Sakthi, we offer to do the hard work of growing, planting and watering… so you can do your part for climate change and have 5 trees planted thanks to your efforts of our donation.

What does a Green Sakthi Membership do?

Every memberships provides the 5 trees planted per month. Your membership supports our Tree Nursery (all trees are indigenous species and planted from seed). All trees we plant and donate come directly from our Tree Nursery. you don’t even have get your hands dirty. And if you do want to get your hands into the earth, please visit us at Sri Narayani Peedam in South India.

Why does my Green Sakthi donation go via Beloved Narayani Foundation in Australia?

 Beloved Narayani Foundation is the registered Australian Charity designated by Sri Sakthi Amma to receive Green Sakthi donations from overseas. If you wish to send a one off donation directly to our charity in India, please contact us directly.

For any donations from USA, please use the designated website Divine Love World Charity Inc to receive a tax deductible donation.


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