Green Sakthi Club


How do we pronounce Green Sakthi?

Try Shakti… in this part of the world SA is pronounced SHA… and THI is TI..

Green Sakthi Club is an opportunity for children to get their hands dirty and take responsibility in caring for the delightful nature which grows on their campus.


Artist Residency

We welcome artists from around the world to share an art project with the students aged 9-13 years as a part of our Green Sakthi one month artist residency. Rebecca Dulaney, an artist from Dublin who lives in Paris ran a poster competition with our very enthusiastic students.


Green Sakthi club

Classes are from grades 5-8. Green Sakthi Club happens 4 days a week. Volunteers from overseas run the classes with the presence of a class teacher.



Our students have a natural enthusiasm for the Green Sakthi Club, so we hold awards to encourage students to do their best. We offer awards for art competitions, cleanest classroom, most litter collected, and most cared for patch of school.