Sri Sakthi Amma


Sri Sakthi Amma is the founder of Sri Narayani Peedam and is considered a living Saint in India. Green Sakthi was borne out of Sakthi Amma’s great love for nature.

Green Sakthi reflects a holistic approach to preserving nature and a concerted effort to counteract global warming by initiating massive tree-planting projects. Waste management, recycling and environmental education amongst local school children is also an important focus.

In Vedic culture, nature is regarded as the expression of the Divine, and therefore sees the Divine as nature incarnate. It is nature that provides sustenance for all beings in the form of medicine, shelter, food and clothing. By caring for nature, we are caring for all beings on this planet.



Mr Suresh Babu


Mr Suresh Bab planted the very first tree at Sri Narayani Peedam in the mid 1990s, and since then has implemented the plantation of 1 million trees to date around the Peedam campus.

Mr Suresh Babu is an environmental visionary and has been committed to green solutions way before it was on the radar in rural India. Back in the day, he insisted on setting up ro Waste management in the villages around Peedam, even though everyone at the time was laughing at the idea. This waste management programme - EXNORA - now collects 2 tonnes of garbage a day.

Currently, Mr Suresh Babu is overseeing the construction of a solar kitchen at the Sripuram Temple. This kitchen will be established towards the end of 2018, and will feed 5000 people daily. It will save 365 tonnes of fire wood yearly.

Continuously educating himself about new technologies, Mr Suresh Babu is a big believer in applying practical solutions for a sustainable future and a happy planet.