Today, EXNORA (EXcellent NOvel and RAdical ideas) is a completely self-sustaining unit; collecting more than two tonnes of waste a day and employing nearly two hundred local workers including those with disabilities (this means that rather than being a burden to their family, they can contribute to the family’s economy).

This programme requires no electricity and serves as a model for other rural communities all over the world to adopt.

Every day 2 tonnes of waste is collected and each item is sorted by hand by our team.


EXNORA Zero Waste Management Programme was established in 1997, in conjunction with the environmental organisation from Chennai of the same name. The project uses the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ principle, with each item segregated by hand, and all biodegradable waste turned into compost. Paper, glass and cardboard are recycled, plastic bags are washed, dried and sold for recycling.