Vermi Composting

All biodegradable including : banana leaves (we serve meals on), food waste from the dining areas, ingredients left over from temple poojas, flower garlands, cow dung and urine (direct from our cow shed — the mixture of dung and uring neutralises the odour) are collected, and slowly breaks down under the hot sun for three months.

Second phase is moved into the vermicomposting shed, where worms bred on site, break down the compost even further for another three months. Finally, the compost is sifted and packed into bags. This compost, known as ‘black gold’, is sold at the temple and used in the campus gardens, afforestation areas and tree nursery.

After 3 months under the hot sun, the biodegradable mulch is moved into the shed to be broken down by worms over the next 3 months.