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Goal: 1 million trees

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Goal : 1 million trees

Our goal is to plant 1 million trees in the Vellore region, Tamil Nadu, South India. Support this extraordinary project which will multiply in goodness on this earth : 1 million trees absorbing carbon dioxide, generating oxygen, providing homes to many animals, creating jobs for locals, greater biodiversity and giving each of us the opportunity to do our bit for climate change.

These trees are planted on State Forest Department land. Your donation supports our tree nursery where we grow the saplings (all native species) from seeds and the planting of the trees.

1 tree = US$1.

About Green Sakthi

Green Sakthi is a non-profit environmental programme that grows and plants trees, manages 2 tonnes of waste each day with its Zero-Waste Management Programme and educates local school kids in all things about Mother Earth. Based in rural South India and founded by living saint Sri Sakthi Amma. Green Sakthi is a collective committed to deepening the relationship between people and nature. 


Our Mission

To inspire children and adults around the world to connect and care for nature through environmental education and hands on experience with the earth.



Save our Trees

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What we do


Watering trees the students have planted

Watering trees the students have planted

Every year, we educate 500 students about the environment with hands on experience with planting and maintaining trees on our 2 school campuses.


Green Sakthi Tree Nursery

Green Sakthi Tree Nursery

At our Green Sakthi Tree Nursery, we grow and maintain over 400 000 native saplings from seed, employing 15 locals.


Planting native trees as part of the Green Belt

Planting native trees as part of the Green Belt

Over the last 20 years we have planted over 1.5 million trees on our campus and locally, including the State Forestry Dept. managed Kailash Hills.




We have donated over 1 million native trees (grown in our tree nursery) locally including 600 000 trees to 300 villages.



Every day we collect 2 tonnes of rubbish from our campus: every item is segregated by hand and recycled or turned into compost, thanks to our worms.



Our solar kitchen is under construction, and once it is operational, will feed 5000 people per day thanks to the power of the sun! We will update the progress!


“Planting a tree is the greatest service you can do for the world, as every living being on this planet will benefit.”


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Our Story

Many thousands of years ago, there was a beautiful enchanted forest amidst a family of hills called Kailash Giri in South India. These hills were so very beautiful that Lord Vishnu chose to place his holy feet on that earth and walk upon those rugged plains in the cool of the evenings. His feet were so sublime, that the hills became sacred forever, and never ceased to delight any traveler on their path. In time, Krishna followed suit, playing his flute across the very same foothills, dancing in the folds of green groves and wild forests. He made this forest his home and lived there for decades to come.


It happened that many years after that, when those days were long gone, Rishis felt inexplicably drawn to these hills, and made it their home. And there - in the heart of that nature - and in accordance with the holy Vedas, they began deep and fervent prayer for a goddess called Narayani to manifest in human form in that very place. And because the prayers were filled with such true longing, and because the hills were sacred, every leaf and every rock and every blade of grass heard that supplication, and did not forget...


But as the centuries passed, local villagers began to cut down trees for firewood, and people became deeply oblivious. They never remembered to re-plant what they had taken, and so the forest became forgotten by the people. But the land never forgot them.


Then one day, not so long ago, all the prayers of all time were remembered, and the Goddess Narayani finally appeared in those foothills in human form, just as the Rishi's had dreamed her. She breathed sakthi force into all the green spaces, re-planting all the forgotten trees and restoring the enchanted forest to its most glorious original form. Every time she placed her holy feet upon the land, all of nature danced because it was awake in pure harmony once again.


This is the story of Green Sakthi…


Sri Sakthi Amma


Sri Sakthi Amma is the founder of Sri Narayani Peedam and Green Sakthi was borne out of Sakthi Amma’s great love for nature. In Vedic culture, Nature is the Divine and the Divine is Nature. It is Nature that provides sustenance for all beings in the form of medicine, shelter, food and clothing. By caring for Nature, we are caring for all beings on this planet.

Green Sakthi reflects a holistic approach to preserving and loving Nature and a concerted effort to counteract global warming by initiating massive tree-planting projects. Waste management, recycling, supplying clean drinking water to villages and schools and environmental education amongst local school children also make up the different aspects of Green Sakthi.


Mr Suresh Babu


Mr Suresh Babu is an environmental visionary and has been committed to green solutions way before it was on the radar in rural India.

He planted the very first tree at Sri Narayani Peedam in the mid 1990s, and since then has implemented the plantation of over 1.5 million trees to date, as well as the Zero Waste Management, which collects 2 tonnes of waste daily and the construction of the Solar Kitchen. Mr Suresh Babu is a great believer in applying practical solutions for a sustainable future and a happy planet.